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Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (EPS)

       Energy use in New York State is increasing every year, and the trend is expected to continue unless steps are taken to reverse this trend. Between 2004 and 2005, New York's electricity sales increased 1.3 percent and natural gas usage increased 2.2 percent. At this rate, electricity usage is estimated to be nearly 13 percent higher by 2015 than it is today. To address this concern, New York State has outlined a long-term strategy to address its energy needs. A major part of this strategy is to reduce electricity use by 15 percent from forecasted levels by 2015. New York has one of the most ambitious energy reduction goals in the nation!

        The Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (EEPS) was established to decrease New York State's electric consumption rate. The overarching goal of the EEPS program is to motivate customers to take advantage of opportunities and programs to undertake energy efficiency measures. This proceeding will ensure that the benefits of energy efficiency are realized by all customer classes including residential, low-income, small business, and commercial customers. Benefits of energy efficiency include a cleaner environment resulting from a reduced use of fossil fuel, reduced customer bills because of lower energy use, and new economic development opportunities.  For Public Service Commission documents and further information relating to the EEPS, click here.